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massage is not a just FEELS like one!

Client Testimonials

I have been going to Pete for years and you can tell he keeps up w/his continuing ed.  His massage never feels "routine" because he really listens to what you tell him re: pain and adjusts the session accordingly.

As an aged dancer, I have many aches and pains which are always worn away by the end of my session.

Darryl S., Sacramento


I've had hundreds of massages in my life and experienced a wide variety of skills levels and settings.  I keep going back to Pete at Capital City Massage Therapy because of his absolutely top notch massage skills in a thoroughly professional setting. 

Pete always takes the time to talk with me in advance, to understand why I'm back, what's bothering me, etc.  And he listens.  And he remembers during the massage, tailoring his approach and techniques to meet (and almost always exceed) my high expectations.  If your massage therapist doesn't ask, doesn't listen or doesn't remember what you just told them, then you need to see Pete. 

Pete always addresses my concerns.  Usually much better than I expect.  Today, he significantly improved my lower back (I'd lifted something badly) by addressing where I said I had pain, and by addressing all the tightness & tension that had built up above and below that.  I'm not quite back to 100%, but my range of motion and level of comfort was so much improved in one session, I got motivated to write this review.  

Pete's office is in a professional building, clean, away from street noise, power adjusting table, etc., convenient location with off-street free parking.

But the most important reason I keep going back to Pete is that I always walk out feeling so much better than when I walked in.  Whether it's back pain, general muscle soreness, leg spasms, or just 'preventative maintenance', I always feel so much better afterwards.  And that's the bottom line to me.

After hundreds of massages, I can think of a couple of massage therapists I'd put in the 'same league' as Pete, but I can think of nobody better.  


Patrick V., Sacramento


For the past 7 years or so, I have seen Pete weekly for 'myofascial' massage therapy to deal with my chronic low-back pain as a result of auto accidents, degenerative disk disease ("DDD,") and scoliosis. I was pushed into my first session with Pete by a friend....  by then I had given up on ineffective "back-rubs," and I expected more of the same from Pete.

I was wrong, thank god!  My sessions with Pete have now REDUCED MY PAIN enough to allow me to STAND UP STRAIGHT, sit in court all day, and face a future that might not require surgery, on a reduced amount of Rx!  (yes it was that bad: doctors had "written me off"
as a surgery candidate with a lifetime supply of pain meds.....)

If you want a "rubdown" in a "spa" place with sitar music, yoga poses and pictures of lotus blossoms, you can find that anywhere in NoCal; but if what you need is REAL PAIN RELIEF and actual, gradual healing in the hands of a professional, you must give Pete a try--I wish I'd found him 20 yrs ago.

Elaine L., Sacramento


I have been seeing Pete for massages, regularly, for about 7 months, and I have never left unhappy.  He is a very professional, skilled, and reliable therapist.   His office is always tidy and comfortable.    From the very first visit, he made me feel at ease.  He is very attentive to my needs, and always asks the right questions to know exactly what needs to be worked on.  I have been receiving massage therapy from Pete as part of my treatment for an accident injury, and he has helped me immensely.  This is not my first experience with massage therapy, but it is by far the best I have encountered.

Laurie Z., West Sacramento


I was referred to Capital City Massage Therapy by a friend and couldn't be more thankful!  Pete is very knowledgeable in his craft and knew right away how to assuage my sore back.   

Now mind you, Pete's method is different than a "day spa" therapist's:  Pete uses the friction method, allowing this natural method to really work out tension in your muscles, leading you to more comfort in the future.   He is NOT a day spa - he is a Certified Massage Therapist that is there to alleviate PAIN and the CAUSES of pain!  To me, that is ten times more VALUABLE than being covered with oil and leaving feeling less relaxed than I started.   You don't get that with Pete - you leave feeling like you are on the road to recovery!  It may take several sessions - so keep that in mind.  Nothing is fixed overnight for a reason,but Pete will help you get to that better spot!

I am so thankful that my friend recommended me to Pete/Capital City Massage Therapy and I would gladly recommend him to anyone else! :)

Denise C., Sacramento


Pete is a skilled therapist.  Professional and very talented.  He works hard to make sure you are comfortable.  Highly recommend!

Brenda W., North Highlands


I so appreciated the results from having gotten work done with Pete of Capital City Massage. I was in a lot of pain to where I could hardly walk and he knew exactly how to relieve the pain and gave me perfect, very simple exercises I could do to be proactive and possibly be able to continue riding my bike, which is something that I love to do.  Thank you Pete

Jane G., Sacramento


Fast and easy online purchase system. CMT always provides a great product along with excellent customer service. CMT is highly professional and provides expert treatment. I have chronic pain from injury and CMT provides the only treatment that effectively manages the pain and inflammation. I highly recommend them as a repeat customer for over 4 years.

David S., West Sacramento


If you seek consummate professional, a massseur who prides himself on giving the best massage possible then this is the place. Pete is polite, courteous and professional.

Philip P., Sacramento


Pete has an amazing understanding of the human body. My back cramped up recently and I also had hip issues, Pete was able to concentrate on the muscles that were hurting. Felt amazingly better just after the first massage. I would highly recommend this place. Its not just a regular massage that you get, but a comprehensive relieving massage.

Kalyan O., Sacramento


I was recently involved in an auto accident and in a lot of pain. Pete came highly recommended and he is AWESOME. He works magic for my aches and pain. Once the massage is complete, I feel like a brand new person without the pain that I came in with. Every week I look forward to my appointments. Not only do I come there but also my mom. If I am bringing my mama, you know it's good stuff! :) You all should come to CCMT and treat yourself to a great massage!

Christine L., Elk Grove


Have you ever been to one of those massage places that treat you like cattle? You know, the ones in the strip malls that are part of some franchise operation. In those cattle call massage dens, you take what you can get and the quality of your massage is always a crap shoot. You don't get that with Capital City Massage Therapy (CCMT for short because I don't want to type that name over and over). At CCMT you get all Pete, 100% Pete! And, this is a good thing for you and your tired, tight muscles. Now Pete is what I call "versatile." Get your mind out of the gutter! What I mean is that he does massages of all types and stripes. From slow strokes and hot stones to deep tissue massages that leave you crying for mama because it hurt so good....Pete has you covered. Stop going to those take a number massage places and come over to CCMT. Your muscles will thank you for it!

Sandra G., Sacramento


The massage was SO relaxing. Pete worked all of the knots out and I feel so relaxed. Stop in and see him.

Steve N., Sacramento