Capital City Massage Therapy
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Massage for Pain Relief

Chronic, persistent pain affects an estimated 116 million Americans. Low back pain is the leading cause of disability in Americans under the age of 45 and an estimated 26 million Americans between the ages of 20-65 experience frequent back pain.

Capital City Massage Therapy specializes in helping our clients improve their overall pain profiles, reduce overall pain, increase physical activity levels, and reduce reliance on pain medications.

In our experience, the majority of chronic back pain conditions are muscular in nature or have at least a muscular component. Our pain management/relief protocols, tailored to your specific conditions, have a proven track record of significantly reducing, if not completely eliminating, muscular pain.

Let us help you, as we have helped many others, to improve your quality of life - even if you've not gotten relief from other massage therapists.


Outcome-Based Myofascial Bodywork

Using a four-sided approach to the body, we remove muscular AND fascial restrictions resulting in a profound level of relief from pain. Repeated sessions scheduled at the proper frequency can result in ongoing, lasting pain relief.

Pricing: 1/2 hour: $50; 1 hour: $80; 1-1/2 hour: $120

Prepay and Save: 5% off on 3 Sessions; 10% off on 5 Sessions; 15% off on 10 Sessions